Shiro Takahashi

"The First Annual International Computer Art Exhibition" - Cybernetic ARTRIP -
Oct. 6-21th. 1973. at the Ginza SONY Salon.

cac73.gif (41230 バイト)

model # M004
name Hand 6M
action 5 Fingers
set on floor
assemble on the scene
size 6000h,5000w,2500d
electricity AC100v,750w
box size -
disk sixe 1800diameter, 28kg

The physical life span of Kinetic Art is evaluated to be very short in comparison with those of stationary works stout and easy for storage such as tableau pictures or bronze sculptures. The results of study on those weak points of Kinetic Art are summarized in next work of this author, in the "Pneumatic Sculpture Series".