Pneumatic Sculpture Series by Shiro Takahashi

2006.5.27 opening display of "Shanghai International Science and Art Exhibition "

model # M434 M384 M022
name Dancing Baby M2 Dancing Baby M3 Dancing Baby M5
action arms & legs arms & legs arms & legs
set on floor or hang on floor or hang on floor or hang
assemble automatically automatically, 10kg automatically
size h,w,d 1200h,3400w,2700d 1500h,5000w,3500d
electricity AC100v,50w AC100v,50w AC100v,50w
box size 600x600x400h,25kg 600x600x400h,25kg 600x600x400h,25kg
[YouTube][YouTube] H264 mov

2003 "Kinitic Art Exhibition", Sinjyuku [YouTube]

2010.12.12 at Theo Jansen Exhibition, Miraikan

2012 Aug.30-Sep.09 "AirArt Exhibition" Chyoufu City@

2013 Mar. Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse