Pneumatic Sculpture Series by Shiro Takahashi

NHK, Scenic design "Ganko-Chyan" 1997 mar.19

Art Exhibition at The Aoyama Spiral "T & T", July 27-August 7,1999

Exhibition "Experiment Room for Reymond Roussel" at Tokyo 2013 Mar.3-30

2013 July 20-21 Tama Art University

"Aichi Triennale" Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art@2016 Aug.11- Oct.23


model # M147@mov M148 M146 M145
size 3750h,6000w,5500d 4500h,6750w,4000d 2500h,3250w,2250d 1750h,2500w,1500d
electricity AC100v,250w AC100v,400w AC100v,25w AC100v,25w
box size 600x600x450h,20kg 600x600x300h,17kg 600x600x300h,10kg 600x600x300h,10kg
data ‘—•—‹@ BF144w/22mmAq
(17kg 490h,370w.320d)
–Œ‘́@ #2382@3kg
Šξ”@ 600ŠΫ@2kg