Pneumatic Sculpture Series by Shiro Takahashi

交際デザイン博 1987 Nov.31-Dic.15Oosaka "International Design Fair" at Intexs

東京トンネル開通式 2002 The opening ceremony of "Tokyo tunnel"

大阪ツイン21 IMPアトリウム

m158 Dragon5M action : YouTube , .mov
5000h,7000w,full length50m AC100v,500w
box size : 600x600x700h,43kg 600x600x300h,30kg


m093 Dragon 3M
2200h,2200d,full length13m AC100v,400w
box size : 600x600x300h,25kg

a performance on TV →mov

2007 Music carnival, Osaka city

trade fair