3-D Mechanical Sculpture Series  [CONVERGENT AXES TYPE]  by Shiro Takahashi

1969 "The Modern Art" Exhibition" National Museum of Modern Art , Kyoto
1970 "The Mitui Group's Pavilion" Osaka World's EXPO 70'
1971 "Mitui GreenLand" Relocation for Expo Commemoration to Kumamoto Prefecture
1972 "Shiro Takahashi One Man Exhibition" METACO 72 , Sony Salon
1979 "15 study models of Kinetic Art Work" Aoyama CozySpace

(left side)

Title Poetic parallelogram
(Convergent Axes Type)
Creation 1969 by Shiro Takahashi
Action m4v
Dimensions 700mm width
  600mm depth
  1730mm hight
Weight 10kg
Materials Aluminum rods
Motor AC100v 6w
Shipping packing style
  gross weight

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