-DEATH of -

Through giving birth to this child her private parts were burnt, and she sickened and lay down.

The names of the Deities born from her vomit were
 the Deity Metal-Mountain-Prince  (→)
  and next the Deity Metal-Mountain-Princess.  (→)
The names of the Deities that were born from her faeces were
 the Deity Clay-Viscid-Prince (→) Slime
  and next the Deity Clay-Viscid-Princess.  (→) Material
The names of the Deities that were next born from her urine were
 the Deity Youthful-Produce (→)
  and next the Deity Fast-Water-Maid.  (→) Wetting
     The child of this Deity was called the Deity Luxuriant-Food-Princess. (→) 
So the Deity the Invites-Female, through giving birth to the Deity-of-Fire, at length divinely retired.

Thereupon, wishing to meet and see his younger sister the Deity Invites-Female, followed after her to the Land of Hades.
So when from the palace she raised the door and came out to meet him, the Deity Invites-Male spoke, saying:
"Thine Augustness my lovely younger sister! the lands that I and thou made are not yet finished making; so come back!"
Then the Deity Invites-Female answered, saying:
"Lamentable indeed that thou earnest not sooner! I have eaten of the furnace of Hades. Nevertheless, as I reverence the entry here of Thine Augustness my lovely elder brother, I wish to return. Moreover I will discuss it particularly with the Deities of Hades. Look not at me!"
Having thus spoken, she went back inside the palace; and as she tarried there very long, he could not wait.
So having taken and broken off one of the end-teeth of the multitudinous and close-toothed comb stuck in the august left bunch, he lit one light and went in and looked.


Maggots were swarming. and rotting, and

 in her head dwelt the Great-Thunder, (→Electricity)
 in her breast dwelt the Fire-Thunder, (→Excitation)
 in her belly dwelt the Black-Thunder, (→Magnet)
 in her genital dwelt the Tear-Thunder, (→Lightning)
 in her left hand dwelt the Young-Thunder,  (→Fluorescence)
 in her right hand dwelt the Earth-Thunder, (→Photoelectric)
 in her left foot dwelt the Rumbling-Thunder, (→Sound)
 in her right foot dwelt the Couchant-Thunder: (→Electrification)
altogether eight Thunder-Deities had been born and dwelt there.

Hereupon the Deity Invites-Male, overawed at the sight, fled back, whereupon his younger sister the Deity Invites-Female said:
"Thou hast put me to shame,"
and at once sent the Ugly-Female-of-Hades to pursue him.
So the Deity Invites-Male took his black august head-dress and cast it down,
and it instantly turned into grapes.
While she picked them up and ate them, he fled on;
but as she still pursued him, he took and broke the multitudinous and close-toothed comb in the right bunch and cast it down,
and it instantly turned into bamboo-sprouts.
While she pulled them up and ate them, he fled on.
Again later sent the eight Thunder-Deities with a thousand and five hundred warriors of Hades to pursue him.
So he, drawing the ten-grasp sabre that was augustly girded on him, fled forward brandishing it in his back hand;
and as they still pursued, he took, on reaching the base of the Even Pass of Hades, three peaches that were growing at its base,
and waited and smote, so that they all fled back.
Then the Deity Invites-Male announced to the peaches:
"Like as ye have helped me, so must ye help all living people in the Central Land of Reed-Plains when they shall fall into troublous circumstances and be harassed!"
 and he gave the designation of Their Augustnesses Great-Divine-Fruit.
Last of all his younger sister the Deity Invites-Female came out herself in pursuit.
So he drew a thousand-draught rock, and blocked up the Even Pass of Hades, and placed the rock in the middle;
and they stood opposite to one another and exchanged leave-takings;
and the Deity Invites-Female said:
"My lovely elder brother, thine Augustness! If thou do like this, I will in one day strangle to death a thousand of the folks of thy land."
Then the Deity Invites-Male replied:
"My lovely younger sister, Thine Augustness! If thou do this, I will in one day set up a thousand and five hundred parturition-houses. In this manner each day a thousand people would surely be born."
So the Deity Invites-Female is called the Great-Deity-of-Hades.
Again it is said that, owing to her having pursued and reached, she is called the Road-Reaching-Great-Deity.
Again the rock with which he blocked up the Pass of Hades is called the Great-Deity-of-the-Road-Turning-back,
and again it is called the Great-Deity-of-the-Blocking-Door-of-Hades
So what was called the Even-Pass-of-Hades is now called the Ifuya-Pass in the Land of Idzumo.
The total number of islands given birth to jointly by the two Deities Invites-Malex and the -Invites-Female
was fourteen, and of Deities thirty-five.
So then the Invites-Male said: Oh! Thine Augustness my lovely younger sister!
Oh that I should have exchanged thee for this single child!"
And as he crept round her august pillow, and as he crept round her feet and wept,
there was born from his tears the Deity that dwells at Konomoto near Unewo on Mount Kagu, and whose name is

 the Deity Weeping-Valley-Female.  (→Visual)
So he buried the divinely retired Deity the Invites-Female on Mount Hiba at the boundary of the Land of Idzumo and the Land of Hahaki.