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the Count Henri de RUOLZ- MONTCHAL 1809-1887

実在の音楽家 : ルオルツ=モンシャル 伯爵の作曲 →オペラ
1839 オペラ「ヴァンデッタ」La vendetta オペラ座

1830 オペラ「待つことと走ること」Waiting and Running
作曲フロマンタル・アレヴィ Fromental Halévy 1799 -1862 アカデミー長官
実在の科学者 : ルオルツ=モンシャル伯爵の発明 →メッキ
電着 Electroplating Galvanoplastie  鉄の溶解・大砲用燐合金・金属のレース
French inventor, Henri-Catherine, Count of Ruolz, Montchal, music composer and chemist, was born in Paris in 1809 and died in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1887. He worked extensively on silverplating techniques taking out a number of patents including one for a nickel-based white metal alloy. 

By experimenting the effects of the electric current on solutions of salts of gold or silver, the brother ELKINGTON in England and the Count Henri de RUOLZ-MONTCHAL in France recognized that by substituting for the middle-of-the-road or acid solutions of golden salts and some salts of silver of the dissolutions of these same salts in the presence of an excess of cyanide of potassium or potassium ferrocyanide, it was possible to obtain a deposit member of gold or silver on the electrode connected with the negative pole of the source of current.

実在の技術管理者 : ルオルツ=モンシャル伯爵 →技術

実在の文人医者 : ルオルツ=モンシャル伯爵 →文人

[Petit dictionnaire] [WorldCat] [gallica.bnf.] 自由芸術家

1830 novel "La Vendetta" by Honoré de Balzac [eBook] [english]
1839 opera "La Vendetta" Count Henri de RUOLZ- MONTCHAL

1886 novel "Vendetta!; or, The Story of One Forgotten" Marie Corelli 1855-1924
1893 翻案小説「白髪鬼」黒岩涙香 1862-1920