Pneumatic Sculpture Series by Shiro Takahashi

Yoshiaki Kaihatsu
students of Tama Art University

→ daily record 2011


Aug.7, 2011, Tokyo, Babot Studio. Shipment

Aug.7, 2011, Tokyo, Tama Art University "NewsPaper"

Daylily Art Circus is a traveling exhibition by a truck fully packed with art from west to east Japan. Rising money through our movements in western and eastern region and proceeds from that will be donated to disaster area by the Tohoku Earthquake. Also to get people enjoyment with exhibition for no fee in some schools, shelters and other places we held. It is essencial to fund-raising and supply to the suffers, however it is more important to economic and cultural activation in all areas especially western region to recovery and rebirth of Japan. Wishes for the people not to get only experience as a point but to feel connection with town, people and mind as a line through this activity and each exhibiton.

Jun.25,2011, Souma City : Pre Daylily Art Circus

→2011/3/11 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster