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The balloon-shaped robot has a simple structure formed using air and cloth only.
It has a light and smooth movement.


  Appear & Disappear
They produce time and space filled with air of "Hare" or "Ke" (unexpected scene or usual sight).
A pneumatic sculpture decorates a cold modern urban space. as if it were such that the city wears a fashionable dress, and realizes a large scale device for the world of spectacular dream any place and any time in the space of daily life.
2001 Installation Art
You will experience the new aspects of the space by install big art.
The balloon-shaped robot operates on the principle that air is sent inside a cloth using a sensor and computer system.
It has a light, smooth movement and a high degree of freedom in terms of technique.
2012『Art Trienniale Niigata』
2015『Japanese mythology』
2002 Bamyan Project
A pneumatic sculpture is formed using thin surface skin to express a feeling of existence. it is very efficient for energy saving and waste disposal.

1984 Travelling Funfair
The materials required are nylon film, a microcomputer to control movement, a sensor to catch human presence, and free air.
There was 86,000 people in the hall on this Sunday.

2011 Traveling exhibition
While moving the daily for 30 days, daily gave the exhibition event at different locations.
Assembly work is completed in just 30 minutes. You can withdraw in 30 minutes when the exhibition is over.
Gala performance
  Giantic form
The weight of a pneumatic sculpture is proportional to its surface area.

1991『Art Exhibition』Hara Museum
2005『70th Anniversary of Tama Art Universary』
In a conventional rigid formative object, when its size is enlarged two times, its weight sharply increases 8 times.
As a result the strength of the object, which is proportional to the cross-section of the object, becomes inadequate, and the object finally collapses by itself.
A pneumatic sculpture is possible to expand the size and weight of a object at the same ratio.

Ecological environment
Organisms build a habitat environ.
Environment built by organisms will have a ripple effect on the framework of a new evolution.
1992 Air Hill
The air-supported membrane structure makes. It provide a simple design that is safe, environmentally conscious, and easy to repair.
It takes up minimal space, requires little maintenance, and is designed to create low impact on the surrounding environment.
  Ample Massiveness
The pneumatic membrane is a unique technology which is create a well-rounded form automatically by charging air in the membrane.
A lives of creatures in nature carry out self formation in their growing process.
The pneumatic membrane molding creates a organic shape by the air and tension of membrane.
In case of general molding method ( carving out a stone, add a clay or extend a metal) a great deal of labor and skill is needed.
Stone carving
Clay modelling
Metal forging

Balloon geometry
According to the method for the pneumatic sculpture, a gigantic mobile formative object can be designed by desk work and produced.
Design of balloons
As the theory of pneumatic formative object that can be formed by itself with the aid of the distribution of surface tension has been getting clear, the application of advanced technology of CAD/CAM to the production of a gigantic pneumatic sculpture has now become possible.


Visual communication by surface
Computer graphics calculate data of surface reflection for generate a form .
The content of an object generated by means of computer graphics may be empty.
Seeing a well-rounded balloon brings about the ease of mind.
Balloons have a kind of mysterious power that brings a human being to an anarchic mood.
In the plump shapes, balloons keep a moderate tension.

Somooth Move, Soft Robot
Balloon Robot
1972『 International Computer Art Exhibition』
1980『Telecommunications Science Museum』
1999『Co-habitation with Evolving Robots』
US Pat. No.4765079
A wrinkle portion having at least a pair of bending fulcra is formed on the structure main body on the opposite side to a bending direction of the structure.
And a length of arc between the respective fulcra of the wrinkle portion is made shorter than 1/2 outer circumferential length of the pneumatic structure containing a set of the respective fulcra.
whereby the structure can positively be maintained in a desired state under normal conditions.
Bending operation thereof can be promptly effected at a large angle by means of small external force.
Simple control Marionette
The pneumatic membrane mechanism has a simple structure formed using air and cloth only.
The internal pressure fluctuation of the structure can be controlled into a small rate during the expansion, large motion for expanding the structure can be quickly and smoothly achieved by small force.
And therefore, the large motion can quickly respond to a control signal from the computer, and can play a powerful presence.
Safe machine
Somooth Move mov.
Simple maintenance

1990『Garden and Greenery Exposition』
1992『Times Park』
Environmentally Friendly
Field hard labor is eliminated.
The pneumatic sculpture aims to dispose no dust.
The pneumatic sculpture is eco-design aiming to reduce environmental burden.
  Any time. Any place
Overseas Exhibition
1995『World Table Tennis Chanpionsips』China mov.
2006『Science and Art Exhibition』China
2012『Robot Show at Xian Expo Park』China
2012『Taipei Biennial 』Taiwan
1987『Seoul Olimpic』Korea
1985『EpcotCenter, Florida』USA
1991『The National Theatre of The Deaf』USA
1985『Durban Expo85』Sauth Africa
1985『Trade Fair 』Africa
1998『Moscow Trade Show』Russia

Xhibition of aerial
1987『International Design Fair』 mov.
1993『44th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen』 mov.
TV studio mov.
Using a pneumatic sculpture, a gigantic formative object can be produced without being bothered of exhibition space and delivery passage.
Since the pneumatic sculpture can be easily stored and assembled, it is easily moved domestically and overseas by air and home delivery service.
Since the object is soft and light, it can be attached to any place without damaging the wall and ceiling of an existing building.