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2013 出版「自由芸術展」~レイモン・ルーセルの実験室~港千尋 編著
写真:港千尋 作品や制作現場、撮りおろし多数
部数:1,500部限定 頁数:128ページ 寸法:A4変型(280x210mm)
デザイン:永原康史 (グラフィックデザイナー、多摩美術大学教授)
価格:3,000円(消費税別) 制作:美術出版社 3月下旬発売

Shiro Takahashi is known nationally and internationally as a pioneer of Japanese media art, in particular his unique invention of inflatable sculptures have made a significant contribution to the fields of entertainment and education. He began his career as an artist in the late 60's, in the 70's he presented work produced by computer, in the 80's he brought art and entertainment together through his inflatable sculptures, always at the front of the next generation, while also leading research in design at Tama Art University. His work is known worldwide in the field of research into Islamic patterns, and has been a strong advocate of a unique thinking towards education while also taking on the role as principal of Tama Art University, continuing to work across art, research and education.
In recent years it is the research into the French artist Raymond Roussel which has been a strong focus of Takahashi. The work of Roussel, which had a deep impact on Marcel Duchamp and Surrealism, is here interpreted as the cutting edge of media art, and clearly presents the concept of "Free Art", one of the points of arrival of Takahashi's thinking, while at the same time opportunity to look forward to the opening up of the theory of free art to wider society. This is an exhibition sharing the dream of art with all those with an interest in art and education from children to adults.
Chihiro Minato (curator of Free Art Exhibition)

2013 Talk Event "Circling Raymond Roussel"
Speakers : Shiro Takashi (exhibiting artist)
Kouji Okaya (Researcher of French Art and Literature. Translator of Roussel's "Impressions of Africa"
Moderator : Chihiro Minato (curator of this exhibition)
Date : 17th March (Sun) 17:00-19:00
Venue : 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F Gallery B
Free, reservation not required, capacity: 50 participants

Shiro Takahashi & Kouji Okaya,       Masao Khoumura

2013 Associated Event