Pneumatic Sculpture Series by Shiro Takahashi

BABOT : The balloon-shaped robot has a simple structure formed using air and cloth only.
     It has a light and smooth movement.

→ Fogar's Marine biology collections #2 "Impressions d'Afrique" 

2017/11/3 - 1/28 "Media Art" Taro Okamoto Museum of Art  


機種名 : ひとで photo photo mov
型番 : m903
膜番 : #3541
動作 : 5本腕開閉 m4v m4v m4v m4v
組立寸法 : 1600h,3600w,3600d
設置 : 床置 38db 9mmAq
電源 : AC100v 150w
荷姿 : 1個口 600角箱 500高 合計質量 : 19kg
       送風機 : BF57b 57w 10kg
          寸法 : 320h 270w 210d
       駆動機 : 2IK150f 1.6w 4.5kg
          寸法 :  400丸 150高
       基板600丸 : 1.5kg
       膜体 : 2.5kg

2016. Jan.26th - Nov. 13rd Musee du Quai Branly Paris. (330 days)  [Exhibition "PERSONA"]

[YouTube] .





enlage 2.1 MB

→parts list

model : M047 octopus
action : m4v mov youtube →m4v
size :2400h,3600w,1800d
AC100v 52w 55dB
: 600x600x300h 15kg 
  送風機 CF50 52w
  駆動機 3IK75 both-axis
stand : 800hight 5kg

24db type

1984. Feb.17-26 "Visionary Funfair" NS building. Shinjyuku, Tokyo  (9 days)
1984 Mar.16-Jun.10 Oosaka,  Hirakata-park  (61days)
1984 Des.11-Des,31 Tokyo. Koraku-en-park   (21days)
1987 Feb.19- Mar.8  Tokyo. Gekkoso Museum  (19 days)