MPU Controlled Sculpture
A computer is anti-art
Shiro Takahashi 

1973 Producer
"International Computer Art Exhibition"

1975 Advisory Committee Members
"The Science Hall of NTT"

1992 Treatises
"Computer Graphics"
1976 Pneumatic Robot

The physical life span of Kinetic Art is evaluated to be ve ry short in comparison with those of stationary works stout and easy for storage such as tableau pictures or bronze sculptures. The results of study on those weak points of Kinetic Art are summarized in next work of this author, in the "Pneumatic Sculpture Series"

1976 Pneumatic Computer

Work of Kinetic Art useing Fluid Elements 8 pieces of flute and 2 drums play music by means of combination of medical fluid elements. Musical composition circuit operating on.

1978 Dancing Rod

It moves like a baton for commanding an orchestra to perform at waltz or rock music. The body consists of rotary pipes serially connected in 3 steps. Each pipe is rotated by a pulse motor via a double flexible shaft and gear. When 3 pulse motors are turned. all pipes make comdex motion because each pipe is bent at each arbitrarily selected position. The pulse motors are driven in accordance with pulsess successively transmitted from a microprocessor.

1986 Collaborative with Apple Japan. Tama Art Univ.
1998 Department of Media. Art Tama Art Univ.
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1976 My first Computer