Balloons are anti-art
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Pneumatic Sculptre      

Visiting funfair
It inflates in the city of a vacant lot, immediately fantastic space will be appear. After that, vanish without leaving traces.
1984 Soro Exhibition
2011 Art Circus

Soft Robot 
It is a simple structure that the driving force is made with the internal air pressure. Maintenance and inspection is not required.
1973 Computer Art Exhibition
1980 Science Museum

Vanishing sculpture
In the world of the story , things appear and disappear freely. An unusual-scenery is performed in the usual-day.
2009 Funeral
1989 Festival

Ecological environment
Creature build the environment that itself inhabiting. We feel the anarchic mood in the soft curved space.
1992 National Government Park
1991 Hara Museum ARC

Environmentally Friendly
It expresses the form in only a thin skin. It is very meaningful modeling technology on resource conservation.
1985 Epcot Center
1997 Art Exibition

Expanded freely
Since size and weight are not proportional, shape is not defined in size. Expansion of the form is freely.
1987 Dwsign Exibition
1994 NHK Stage Art

1983 Chris Marker